LeapFrog Leaptop

Manufacturer: Leapfrog

Age Recommendation: 2 years +

Short Description: Leaptop is FUN and personal to any child whist totally encouraging learning and brain development. Requires 3 x AA batteries.

Contents: Leaptop, USB cable and instructions.

Price: £19.97

Leaptop is available in green and pink.

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  • Go to www.leapfrog.com/myownlaptop and install the required software, this took approx 5 minutes to install and register the product.
  • Turn on My Own LeaptopWith the USB cable provided connect your leaptop up to your computer, the USB port can be found on the left side of the leapfrog screen.
  • Login or create an account
  • Add your child’s name
  • Add up to 3 email addresses so you can share your child’s learning progress with other family members. They’ll receive a monthly update what the child is playing on their leapfrog toys.
  • Name: Enter the child’s name and allow the software to surf for an audio version. This is so so sweet! Save the audio to your leaptop, please do not disconnect the USB cable throughout any of the process.
  • Email: This then allows you to add a personalised email from up to 3 people. My message to my daughter was “I love you so much” – Save.
  • My Music: Select one sing-a-long song (5 available) – We selected the Alphabet Song and up to 5 leaptop melodies (15 available) – We selected Itsy bitsy spider, Row row row your boat, Twinkle twinkle little star, Mary had a little lamb and Did you know the muffin man. Save and done.
  • Now your child’s ready to play!

My Printables: An extra available where your child can find some cute colouring pictures staring the leaptop characters available to print.


The big grin on my daughters face as she turned on her Leaptop and heard “Hi Caitlin” was amazing. Clever!

3 game modes are available from the right side mouse.

ABC mode: On the keypad your child will choice a letter, the leaptop audio will call out the letter and associate it with an animal, for example if the child presses D the Leapfrog audio will sound the following “D says Da (teaching your child to pronounce each letter) D , D dinosaur” … “M says Mmm, M Monkey”, etc and encourages your child to touch other letters. Encourages the child’s learning development. Caitlin really enjoys this mode of play and often repeats the animal shown.

Music Mode: This mode requires the child to press the letter buttons again. The top set of letters all do different sound waves, middle set of letters are all based around the drum and base and the bottom set of letters are all keys from a piano noise. Creates fun imaginative playing. She does enjoy this mode of play but the least of all I think.

Animals: This stage is slightly harder but we had great fun using this mode with her. The leaptop asks you to push a letter button when the child does so it will ask a question related to ‘Which Animal’, for example: P “who is black and white?” push the paw button on the keypad to find out – Penguin is the answer … C “meow” push the paw button on the keypad to find out – Cat. Creates fun in the child’s learning and brain development, requiring thinking and sound recognition.

These 3 mode plays have definitely encouraged my daughter to use her leaptop, she knows it’s her, it says so when she switches it on, great idea Leapfrog!

Email. Adorable, as you see we set up the email message explained in set-up so as my daughter presses her email (envelope button) the Leaptops screen  shows my daughter the email in words  and the audio reads out the following to her “Hi Caitlin, I love you so, Love Mummy” when heard your child can open emails from Scout the leaptop friend always referring directly to my daughter name Caitlin.

Play list: Downloaded melodies added from the software as we took you through in the set-up. Each time you press the melody button the next will play. The best bit was “Caitlin lets sing a song about you C – A – I – T – L – I – N, Caitlin” teaching your child to spell out their name vocally. Love it! With each melody Scout leaptops friends will dance on the screen viewable by your child.

Blog@: Scout will tell Caitlin by addressing her name what he has done today then he will ask my daughter “Caitlin what have you done today” … “Caitlin who is your best friend”, etc. Highly adorable and one highly amused daughter.


10/10 This looks like Mummy’s and Daddy’s computer so my daughter enjoys sitting up on the couch with us with her very own. Leaptop is FUN and personal to any child whist totally encouraging learning and brain development. Mostly designed around animals and as a parent would have loved to see some number activities in such a smart idea but that would not put me off buying this after toy testing or highly recommending you and my friends to buy it.

An additional Leaptop is on my daughters 2nd birthday gift list. She will love it, although maybe sooner if they don’t stop fighting over it!!! I’m sorry to have leaptop later than sooner.

Do you think your child is too old for this toy then check out the VTech STORIO Animated Reading System. My daughter age 3 thoroughly enjoys both.

We used the PHILIPS Extreme Life + AA Batteries.

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