VTech Storio – Toy Story 3

Manufacturer: VTech

Age Recommendation: 3 years +

Short Description: E-Reading Just got fun! Storio is packed full of educational activities from numbers to vowels so much interaction in one book. Your child is involved with the story. This is the Toyologists NUMBER ONE TOY THIS CHRISTMAS! Requires 4 x AA batteries.

Contents: Storio System, Toy Story 3 Software Cartridge, USB cable, user manual and screen cloth.

Price: £54.97
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Unit Overview:

Power button, volumn buttons, contrast button, touch screen, pen, pen holder, protective see-through cover, headphone jack and power jack. Storio shuts down after a few minutes if the reader has been left unused.

System Setup:

Before starting to set-up your child’s Storio you need to download the following software and register here! This was really easy to do and took around approx 10 minutes. Connect to you computer with the supplied USB cable, confirm on your Storio and your system will start transferring data, a pop up screen will appear on your computer (not your Storio) to register and enter your child’s details (addition children option available). Storio offer you to register the products warranty whist in set-up mode, handy. This second process took approx 5 minutes.

Learning Lodge Navigator:

Here you can add menu themes to your child’s Storio from default to a girl’s (so sweet) or boy’s option, download new certificates, download new story games (SD card is required) for free and update your Storio to the latest software. All so easy to use.

Storio had 5 pages of story games available to download at the point of my set-up which once downloaded you will find located in your child’s menu screen ‘backpack’

Now you have connected your Storio to your computer and created personalisation it’s great for the parent to see the child’s achievements through the software Progress Logs summary. Love this!


All the information given above just shows how fun and personal Storio is and so easy to use, it’s fantastic.

A couple of years back I purchased a VTech TV product that I was less than impressed with with regards to quality, whist I did not expect HD quality I was put off buying any video related items again however with today’s Storio I am more than impressed, my confidence with VTech is back in place.

When you first turn your Storio on your child has the option to personalise it with their name, welcome message and avatar. Most of the system is touch screen sensitive by using your finger or the pen included, this is located at the bottom of the system so once you have finished with your pen you can store it away safely.

We were amazed how quickly my daughter, age 3 picked up the game and story play of Storio and the Toy Story 3 which comes with the interactive system, one of her favourite characters also.

Storio is packed full of educational activities such as spelling, vowels, numbers, word understanding and more  so much interaction in one book. Your child is involved with the story. As your child reads the book (your child and the book become friends) they can follow the story as it automatically highlights each word as it’s read aloud to the child. We all like reading to our children but they also become very independent and this allows both their independence and learning progress to act together.

Watch as your child grows confidence as they play more, learn more and gain certificates from their home pages screen menu. Each certificates allows you to see what it is they did so great.

Storio is my daughter favourite bedtime book. When her baby sister goes to bed she immediately asks for Toy Story.

Verdict: 10/10

Out of all they great toys my lucky children have tested for Toys R Us, this has to be the BEST.

I have already highly recommended this toy to friends and I will continue doing so.

We will be purchasing more Storio Software in the new year and will definitely be buying our youngest one of her own in the near future.

Optional Accessories:

Storio Software Cartridges: Scooby Doo, Dora, Mr Men and Little Miss, Shrek Forever After, Olivia and so many more titles from Vtech UK.

You can insert a SD card (not included) into your Storio, to store downloaded

Use a standard 9V 300mA AC/DC adaptor. VTech recommend the use of a VTech® 9V AC/DC adaptor.

We used the PHILIPS Extreme Life + AA Batteries.


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