Mr Colour Maker

Manufacturer: TOMY

Age Recommendation: 2 years +

Short Description: No mess colour creations fun and educational. Requires 4 x AA batteries (not included).

Contents: Mr Colour Maker, attached brush and 3 mini colour mixers.

Price: £24.99
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- Guest Review by the Sivewright Family -


Could have been better packaged to ensure that the wire connecting the paint brush does not get damaged confusing the wire with the many other wires overly used to hold the toy to the box, both are white!


No set up required, turn it on and off you go!


Mr Colour Maker has 3 play modes.

‘Create a Colour’ mode – ‘Pour’ a coloured pot into Mr Colour Maker. He will then tell you which colour you have added to the pot. Add another colour and mix with the brush and he will tell you what colour you made. To empty the pot and start again you simply tip it upside down.

This mode is very clever and teaches children colours without them being right or wrong. Saves the frustration!

‘Follow Me’ mode – Add a colour to the pot and Mr Colour Maker will ask if you can change the colour to another one. Add a second colour and Mr Colour Maker will tell you if you’re right or wrong.

She rarely gets any of the colours right in ‘Follow Me’ mode but I have no doubt this toy will teach her how to make them in time.

‘Sing a Rainbow’ mode – Stir the brush in the pot and Mr Colour Maker will sing you a song.

Caitlyn’s favourite mode by far is the ‘Sing a Rainbow’ mode, she has already learnt the song! We have had this toy out for a week now and it has definitely taken place of her favourite toy. It’s bright, it’s colourful, it sings and it’s educational.

Changing Play Mode: To change between the play modes the child is required to open and close the lid on the pot, however, when actively playing Mr Colour Maker is very easy to accidentally knock it shut, which in turn changes the play mode having to go through the three

She loves her new toy, but  from a parents view for Mr Colour Maker being recommended for 2 years + it requires a high level of understanding and explanation. To change between the modes you have to open and close the lid on the pot, however, it is very easy to accidentally knock it shut while playing with it. Having to go through the three modes again to get the one you were playing with can be very frustrating for a 2 year old! I feel this could have been improved by simply having a switch for the modes.


From Caitlyn this toy receives 9/10.

From Mummy this toy receives 8/10

We used the PHILIPS Extreme Life + AA Batteries.

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