Leapfrog Tag Junior

Manufacturer: Leapfrog

Age Recommendation: Ages 2-4

Short Description: Tag Junior is a must have for every small child this Christmas! It is an easy to use, electronic storybook reader. Requires x2 AAA batteries, not included.

Contents: Tag + 1 Book

Price: £29.99
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- Guest Review by the Sivewright Family –


The device itself is small enough for young children to hold comfortably in their hand. Once set up which it had been by previous owner, (see previous review for setup), it was very simple to use. Turn it on, and away you go.

Hold the toy above the words on the specially made books and it will read the story to you, one page at a time. Not only does it read the story aloud to the child, but if you hold the tagger over the animals and various items in each page scene the tag will have various associated phrases and noises to say.

My daughter loves the bee in the Winnie The Pooh Leapfrog Tag Junior book which is fun, colourful and exciting for any mini Winnie and friends fan.

Verdict: 10/10 No disadvantages, whatsoever, from this toy! My daughter will definitely be receiving another book to go with it from Santa this year!

We used the PHILIPS Extreme Life + AAA Batteries.

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