LEGO DUPLO – 5635 Big City Zoo

Manufacturer: LEGO

Age Recommendation: 2-5 years

Short Description: Bring your own zoo to life and let your visitors enjoy their stay. One of our MUST BUY toys.

Contents: 125 Lego pieces including 12 animals, zoo keeper and 3 visitors.

Price: £59.99

Presentation & Packaging:

Large attractive box for any brick building and animal loving child, minimal inside packaging.


Enjoy hours of fun with Legos Big City Zoo with this 125 pieces Lego set including a zoo keeper, three Zoo  visitors (Mum, Dad and little girl) and 12 wonderful Zoo animals including Zebras, bear, tiny cub, cheeky monkeys, tigers, elephants and giraffes.

Bring the Zoo alive building the entrance and enclosures for the zoo animals with various Lego plates, different shaped bricks, fences, flowers, bridges, trees and rocks.

Help the zoo keeper feed them with bananas or carrots and see they all have had some water whist your visitors enjoy their stay.

Big City Zoo has brought imagination into my child’s play times, she LOVES it. She recognises animals by name the monkey and bear sounds and enjoys imaginary playing with the Duplo people, talking and playing out different activities with the set.

My eldest is nearly 3 years old so uses her own imagination building the zoo scenes ,different and smaller to that shown on the box but the detail is very exact for someone of such a young age to succeed in doing but tha doesn’t knock the fun out of the Big City Zoo at all.

My youngest who is 1 half years is also a BIG fan of this duplo set but a smaller simplified version would be more age appropriate like the Lego Duplo Value Pack or smaller Lego Duplo Brick Box.

Verdict: 9/10

The price tag often scares the parents away but with Duplo you do pay for what you get and it’s not often that can be said. The kids love it, you will love it with them, it lasts for a life time, durable and will expand old and new collections. LEGO is a reliable toy brand.

Toys R Us currently hold no Stock for the Lego Duplo Big City Zoo so why not try Lego Duplo Ville Feeding Zoo and Lego Duplo Ville Polar Zoo.

For older children why now view the Playmobil range where Playmobil Baby Animal Zoo is available.

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