Animagic New Born Puppy – Buster

Manufacturer: Animagic

Age Recommendation: 3+

Short Description: Small cute  companion for any child who loves pets. With puppy sounds.

Contents: Buster, bottle and 3 x button cell batteries.

Price: £11.99
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Presentation & Packaging:

Simple and cute.


Gorgeous little puppy, one that won’t bark in the night or chew your slippers and certainly a cute little companion for any little ones who like pets.

Buster is a small light toy who wants his bottle, this is when he’s happy and shows it, give him enough and he will bark followed by a snore happily alseep he goes  however if you don’t feed Buster enough he will whine for more.

The age recommendation is 3 years+ but our youngest daughter who is one half years old has taken more to Buster than our 3 year old.

The only down side I would give to Buster is you have to press the bottle into Busters mouth with a fair amount of pressure which might not be so easy for some little hands and from a parents point of few I have never seen a puppy/dog have a ‘bottle’ but the girls have enjoyed their new friend and that’s what matters.

Buster and other Animagic friends would make a great stocking filler or small gift for family and friends children.

Verdict: 8/10

Check out Animagic My Playful Puppy – Peanut Dog from the same Animagic range, for a larger present and older minds. Like my eldest I think something more realistic in size may be enjoyed more, not that there’s anything wrong with our cute Buster.


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  1. A Toner says:

    On my Xmas list x

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