Barbie Glam Jet Plane

Manufacturer: Mattel
Age Recommendation: 3+
Short Description: Load your luggage in the front of the plane or in your cabin area and take Barbie and her Fashionista friends on a comfortable jet plane ride. Requires 1 x AA (included) and 2 x AA (sold separately)

Contents: 1 jet, 2 sheets of stickers and accessories. Dolls not included.

Price: £69.99
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Presentation & Packaging:

Large, pink and bright. Upon seeing it my eldest immediately shrieks “Barbie Barbie Barbie!” even though she didn’t have any at home until now.

Dimensions 68 (l) x 23.5 (w) x 29.5 (h) cm


For younger children Barbie Glam Jet Plane needs set-up by an adult attaching some of the parts and placing the 2 sheets of stickers in the right places, although this Mummy managed to place the window stickers the wrong way round so maybe I needed the daughter? Setting the jet up is slightly fiddly.

Load your luggage in the front of the plane or in your cabin area and take Barbie and her Fashionista friends on a comfortable jet plane ride with a 2 seater seating area including belts and earphones, pull out table to enjoy their food on travel served to them from the food cart, then when finished grab a drink from the juice bar where you can even find realistic ice cubes. When landed why not pop out the back with Barbie to their private pool resort featuring a swimming pool, slide, pool chair and lounger. Barbie Jet Plane includes flight sounds: take off, landing, seat belt ding, soda fountain and music. Don’t forget to give the passengers flight announcements with your on board working microphone.

Accessories are included: pool lounger, luggage cases, sun cream bottles, cups, dinner trays, cutlery, jugs, earphones, ice cubes, chandelier and food trolley (Barbie doll not included).

Caitlin who is soon 3 years old LOVES her new toy it’s a real hit, I can’t believe it’s time to start buying the big girl’s toys for her, where’s our baby? For a week since setting this up it’s the first thing she plays with in the morning and the first thing she asks for as soon as she gets through the front door after nursery. She really has fun, well until her baby sister tries to join in who’s not so careful with her sisters bigger toys.

Mummy’s thoughts: Uh oh! It looked fantastic but is it really? Fiddly to assemble and to be honest flimsy in general, the planes top wing won’t stay on, the side panels and   back pool compartments could be fitted/designed much better to close, only a slight movement and the whole plane has opened up and fell apart. I think the price you see for this item and all of Barbies range is the name, sadly I don’t think this will ever be different! Most little girls love Barbie I know I did and we as parents bizarrely pay for that but my daughters happy and so am I. I think a little glue will solve the top wing and I can’t see the Jet being closed much anyway judging her play activity with it so far.

We toy tested Glam Jet Plane with Barbie Fashion Fairytale Transforming Doll we recommend purchasing 1 or more of the Barbie Fashionista Dolls. We will!

Added info: For those with smaller children in the house, Barbie Glam Jet Plane contains small parts.

Girls Verdict: 9/10

Mummy’s Verdict: 7/10

We used the PHILIPS Extreme Life + AA Batteries.


4 Responses to “Barbie Glam Jet Plane”

  1. Amy says:

    It’s massive! Doesnt look so big in the pictures online. Not something I had even considered for my little girl as I am still buying her relatively ‘little girl’ toys. Opened my mind a little bit as to what I should consider buying her.

  2. A Toner says:

    Sounds fantastic :)

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