Crayola Colour Wonder Magic Light Brush

Manufacturer: Crayola

Age Recommendation: 3 year+

Short Description: Magic painting maybe not so magic. Read full review. Requires x3 AA batteries

Contents: Brush unit, colour pots and x1 pad of paper.

Price: £19.99
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Presentation & Packaging:

Colourful and looks like great fun …is it?


My nearly 3 year old daughter loved it, it painted pictures just as she would with her wet paints, brushes and plain paper, she showed no more fascination to the lights or even how it worked.

On first appearance of the box I thought wow that looks great I didn’t even notice the gel contents in the 6 mini pots until opening and setting up.

Requiring x3 AA batteries and switching on the machine the Magic Light Brush matches the colour of the pots as the child dips the brush in, you need to use special Crayola magic paper for this to work where the clever machine does continue to paint the colour pot you dipped, That’s as great as it gets!

The finished pictures were sloppy and my daughter was so sticky, a wet wipe didn’t work so in the bath she went. Yuk!

So after half an hour of fun it got me wondering how we re-use the new toy, at the top of my head I assumed a tube of gel would be available but no it’s not quite as simple as that, the refill is replacing the pots not refilling the pots which I could find no where (not even ebay) but on the Crayola Website for a nice top up price of £5.89, maybe some parents can afford nearly £3.00 for every half an hour painting session and £3.60 for 35 sheets of paper but for the same price I could buy wet paints and a large pack of drawing paper that would last them a month.

Not every toy is for everyone so I’m going to buy the refill pots and give another parent the chance to review the Crayola Colour Wonder Magic Light Brush.

For me it’s another one of those toys that would get put away and never seen again.

Verdict: 2/10

Advantages: None

Disadvantages: Sloppy pictures, extremely sticky,refills not widely available and when purchased from Crayola the price of painting has just become extremely expensive.


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