Crazy Chefs Game

Manufacturer: Orchard Toys

Age Recommendation: 3-7 years

Short Description: Suitable for 2-5 players. Join the chefs in the crazy kitchen and collect everything they need to make a meal.

Contents: 5 chef boards, 5 plate cards, 5 meal cards, 35 cards, 1 spinner, 1 instruction leaflet.

Price: £6.99
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- Guest Review by the Jones Family -

Presentation & Packaging:

Crazy chef comes in a colourful box, although the box is a little small to fit all the piece back in easily once opened.


The aim of the game is to place the ingredient cards face down on the table then take turns to pick a card and match them to the ingredients on your chef board. Once you have all the ingredients you then spin the spinner to collect a plate and finally your meal card, the first to do this is the winner.

My three year old son and two year old daughter instantly loved this game and quickly got the hang of it. Naming the ingredients has encouraged my two year old to learn some new words in a fun way.

This is now the 5th Orchard toys game we have played and the quality of these games are superb, I know they will last a long time.

Crazy Chefs is very much like the Shopping List game from the same company so it would not be worth buying both.

Verdict: 9/10

Wonderful – would recommend to anybody with toddlers!

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