Timmy Time Pop Up Game

Manufacturer: Vivid Imaginations

Age Recommendation: 3+

Short Description: Suitable for 2-4 players. Help Timmy tidy up by placing items onto him, if you are not careful Timmy will ‘pop’ and the game will end.

Contents: Timmy figure, eight items to place on Timmy.

Price: £9.99
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- Guest Review by the Jones Family -

Presentation & Packaging:

Timmy comes in a colourful box, easy to open and assemble.


The aim of the game is to take it in turns to choose one of his toys then to place the item on Timmy’s arms, leg and ears without him ‘popping’. My three year old son and two year daughter got the hang of the game straight away and so  felt once I showed them how to play I leave  them to attempt the game alone, together.

Unfortunately although I liked the idea of this game it was overall very disappointing, the Timmy character did not push down to reset properly on first attempt and  Timmy himself seemed overly sensitive when the objects were placed. Both my children quickly became frustrated with the flimsy Timmy ‘popping’ nearly every turn, so the biggest kids of the house was keen to join in, my husband who himself only managed to hang three items very carefully until it too ‘popped’ at him. Needless to say the game soon was put back in its box.

Verdict: 4/10

Advantages: Encourages hand & eye co-ordination

Disadvantages: Too sensitive for children to fully enjoy the game

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