Girls Only Laura Doll

Manufacturer: Zapf Creation

Age Recommendation: 3+

Short Description: Laura doll has a hard plastic head, arms, and legs and a soft material body. She comes complete with riding outfit – Clothes, riding hat and boots, accompanied with a small horse, riding whip and audio CD.

Contents: Doll, miniature horse, riding whip and audio CD.

Price: £29.99
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Presentation & Packaging:

+ Laura is well presented in a large pink and clear windowed box. Caitlin’s eyes up, eager to remove Laura from her box.

- Too many metal and plastic ties holding it to the the box. Ties are also covered in sellotape which is frustratingly time consuming to remove (whilst also making sure no ties are missed) when the child wants to play with this new dolly you have just placed in front of her.


Laura is sweet blue eyed doll rightly proportioned for any toddler to hold. Her well made outfit is easily taken off and on (see below) which all children love to do. Laura is at a good size where new doll outfits from the high street are likely to be available, her hair is originally plaited which my daughter was keen to undo enjoying brushing Laura’s long silky hair using her own bobbles and clips encouraging the imagination.

Before my daughter could fully take advantage of being a little girl dressing up her new doll and playing with hair styles I had to cut the plaits from the top clothing hooked on with white string and replaced the plastic bands holding the plaits in with soft cotton bobbles which is solely a personal preference of my own as a parent and should not discourage parents from buying when there is such an easy solution.

Caitlin who is a couple of months short of 3 years old did associate the horse with the Laura which I thought was great but soon became less interested when she realised Laura was too big and could not sit on top of the horses back.

Caitlin enjoyed playing with her new doll, but Mummy does think there is room for improvement by including a realistic size horse to come with Laura. Of course this could be purchased separately.

Audio CD: Caitlin was highly impressed about her own CD, she always tries to reach Mummy’s and Daddy’s. We did play the CD twice  but  feel she is a little too young to fully appreciate the story.

Verdict: 6/10

With a realistic sized horse I’m certain a higher rating would have been achieved.

Extra Reviews By Toyologist Friends:

Review by the Sivewright family


Upon bringing our Laura doll home, my daughter instantly demanded her out of the box. The first thing she did was strip her clothes off, engrossed for a good thirty minutes with putting her clothes back on again. Her attention was soon drawn to Laura’s  hair as her plaits had been taken out before coming to her new home for reviewing. My daughter loved playing with Laura’s hair and attempting to put a pony tail in.
Caitlyn loves playing with Laura, dressing her, re-doing her hair. She will place Laura besides her while watching TV or playing with her toys, she quickly became my daughters companion.
As a Mum, I feel there is room for improvement with Laura’s hair, had she originally come with hair accessories, this would have made for more fun. However I am not sure the purpose of the doll included this due to experiencing parts of her hair falling out, and with a toddler, this can be a problem on many levels. My daughter was upset by this and as Mum I was concerned in case she put any of the hair in her mouth.

Verdict: 5/10


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