Old MacDonald Lotto Game

Manufacturer: Orchard Toys

Age Recommendation: 2-6

Short Description: Match your farm and farmer cards to your boards and have fun matching farm yard noises with your children.

Contents: 4 farm boards, 24 farm cards and 4 farmer cards

Price: £8.99
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Presentation & Packaging:

Simple basic game storage box with  no extra unnecessary packaging.


When my daughter seen the box she immediately noticed the pig featured “oink oink”and sat down to see what exciting play Mummy had planned for her. The game was easy to open and unpack all  we needed to do was pop the 24 cards from 4 boards, it couldn’t be an easier.

Both my girls sat playing with the cards for some time whist my youngest didn’t understand the concept my eldest had great fun swapping her cards with her sisters and placing them on her farm boards.

The board game encourages thinking and memory skills whist having fun with all the family mimicking different farm animal noises.

Verdict: 9/10

There is nothing I would change about The Old MacDonald Lotto game whist the game may seem basic I would recommend this to any parent who is keen to help their child’s brain development.

Caitlin & Megan enjoy playing together

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