Baby Alive Molly Mealtime

Manufacturer: Hasbro

Age Recommendation: 2+

Short Description: Babbling mealtime Molly has everything she needs to be fed, cleaned and changed. Requires 4 AA batteries.

Contents: Dolly, x2 nappies, bib, bottle, bowl, spoon and 2 food sachets.

Price: £29.99

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Presentation & Packaging:

A delightful presentation to any childs, mine were certainly super excited but as the parent I seem to be finding a common problem in thinking that all dolls are over packaged with wires and sellotape.


“What an ugly doll”  Mummy thinks as she presented it to the girls feeling this doll wasn’t going to be a hit with them at all, how wrong was I? Seems the parents can be very wrong in what their children will enjoy, maybe I should take this on board for Christmas, most of the toys I have bought have been left unplayed with something I’m sure most parents relate to. After opening the 3rd Toyologist box the doll was glued to my eldest!

Molly encourages role play  and imagination.


Molly makes realistic baby noises and kicks her legs, just squeeze her bracelet.

I have to admit out of the two sachets we only tried one for curiosity, whist the nappies are reusable obviously not realistic after they have pooped so now we are left with one nappy which should last a while.


When its food time Molly again makes realistic baby sounds as if she was really feeding, my eldest loved this she held Molly rocking her and comforting her whist she pretended to give her a bottle


The food sachets require water to mix again Molly will makin realistic feedings whist she happily has her wet food and your little one is feeling achievement feeding her. It is best to keep the food mix away from surfaces that could be stained.

Nappy Changing

I don’t think an accurate description of this could be voiced without laughing, not being keen on these poo’ing dolls anyway, the little lady thinks it’s great! Out of the two sachets we only tried one, whist the nappies are reusable for a period of time once Molly has pooped the nappy needs thrown away so now we are left with one nappy.

To clear out any ‘food’ you can clear out with some tap water through the dolls mouth.


Spare nappies & food sachets are available to purchase separately from other stores (maybe stocking these in Toys R Us would be benefiting). Molly would be prefect to use in a high chair and pushchair/stroller and would be universal friendly not brand specific although there are lot’s of little extras you can buy for Molly including a diaper set – nappy covers, wipes box and small talc bottle, cute!

Verdict: 9/10

Advantages: Realistic, loved by both by daughters, easy to use.

Disadvantages: Nappies and food sachets (included) last only for the first playtime.


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