Moon Sand – Sweet Delight Shaker Maker Set

Manufacturer: Spin Master Toys UK

Age Recommendation: 3+

Short Description: Play sand that you can mold into trays to make various items and blend to make up a colourful pretend shake to decorate with various items.

Contents: 1 blender, 3 glasses, 2 moulds, 2 umbrellas, 2 straws, 3 spoons, 1 scoop and 2 packs of moon sand

Price: £11.99
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Presentation & Packaging:

Colourful, bright and attractive. Uncomplicated, with minimal packaging (with the bonus that the original box can be used when playing with the moon sand then packed back into the same box), and no cardboard box to wastefully throw into the garbage or need to find another container.


It was Megans nap time (too young for this review) so Mummy & Caitlin decided it was a good time to try out the Moon Sand. She was instantly attracted to the new toy as I started opening it on her little play table and got stuck in.

Each box comes with two bags of moon sand (pink and yellow), which I would consider a fair quantity.

The instructions state before use to work the sand in your hands until it expands and becomes softer. I didn’t find this quite works (I did it for a while, but maybe I didn’t do it long enough) so I prepared some together best I could and left them in the play area of the box. After a little help showing her how to use the blender and the moulds, she loved it! For a good hour and a half my daughter sat happily, quietly mixing the sand in the blender, pouring into cups, pressing the sand into the moulds and pretending to eat and drink from the shaker glasses, we even made one together to show you.

I half expected what was made in the moulds to crumb, but to my surprise when released they actually did turn out quite well. The mould needs compacting a little harder than expected, but with a little help and practice I’m sure it won’t be long before she will get the hang of it however this didn’t ruin her play at all.

The only thing that made us cringe (as parents do) is if it was going to be quick and easy to clean up… the answer is YES!  In fact I think our dyson let us down more than the sand (lol) but after 60 seconds of running the hoover, not a trace was left on our carpets.

The downside is once the sand has been dropped it does need to be disposed of. Replacement moon sand is available for £6.99, colours may vary if bought online. I think the replacement tubs are ideal and maybe would have been a good idea to include in the original set.

Verdict: 9/10

We don’t think the Moon Sand is something we would bring out every day (although you could) but it was definitely something my daughter fully enjoyed. I think other sets would be an ideal addition, it’s gave us a great Christmas present idea, check out the  Moon Sand Sweet Delights Ice Cream Set. Yes it is a little messy but where is the fun if it isn’t? Let the kids be kids and have peace of mind that it is easily and quickly cleaned up.


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