Peppa Pig Tumble and Spin Game

Manufacturer: Jumbo

Age Recommendation: 3+

Short Description: Suitable for 2-4 players. A fun memory card game. Pick a character from the 4 friend markers and spin your way to finding all your matching playing cards.

Contents: Peppa Pig figure, Spinner, base, 24 playing cards and 4 friend markers.

Price: £9.99
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Presentation & Packaging:

Colourful fun presentation to any child’s eyes, easily unpacked and assembled to start playing.


+ Spinning Peppa Pig would draw the attention of any youngster, fun fast & loud (not so great for the parents lol). The aim of the game is to pick your friend marker, lay all playing cards face down around the spinning tray, spin and wait for Peppa pig to tell you “one”, “two” or “close your eyes” depending on the instruction you pick out one or two card keeping any cards that match your friend marker if not then you put it back in the circle after showing other players if Peppa Pig tells you to close yoru eyes you must do so whist the other play(s) take one of your collected cards and hide in back in the game among the others in the circle.

My daughter who is not quite 3 yet as recommended did enjoy trying to play the game but would definitely bring it out again in the future. My youngest 1 year 6 months old equally enjoyed playing with Peppa Pig alone.

- After spinning Peppa Pig the music box still appears to carry on which was a slight distraction. Whist the playing cards appear sturdy I’m afraid to say the friend markers would not last long, within 10 minutes one of the markers had been bent.

Verdict: 7/10

Peppa Pig Tumble and Spins age recommendation should definitely be considered when buying this game, I would not recommend this to children any younger.

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