Aquadoodle Desk

Manufacturer: TOMY

Age Recommendation: 3+

Short Description: Light weight wood effect foam desk with reversible drawing pad.

Contents: Foam Desk, removable board and 1 magic water pen

Price: £29.99
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Presentation & Packaging:

Colourful, appealing to the eyes and light weight. Packaging is not excessive meaning little waste of materials that head to the bin, and easily unpacked.


+ Aquadoodle desk has been a hit in my house and most definitely beats the Aquadraw mini mats, a great alternative to the large floor mats if you don’t have much space.

One of the great things about this toy is your child  can either sit up comfortably to draw  or take the top panel off easily and lay upon their laps, my youngest stood up to the desk happily and still thoroughly enjoys doodling away.

Each desk is made of durable foam giving a wooden effect complete with a reversible drawing mat allowing your child to turn over and draw a new picture whist the reverse side clears and one magic water pen which can be refilled easily through the tip of the pen by twisted the tip anti-clockwise.

- I would have liked to see 2 water pens with this pack as both my daughters enjoyed drawing together, luckily I had a water pen from their Dora mini mat.

Verdict: 9/10

I would recommend Aquadoodle to all my Mummy friends.

The recommended age is 3 years+, my daughters 2 years 9 months and 1 year 6 months at the time of testing equally enjoyed using the Aquadoodle.



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